Photo taken from intern Gray Joyner from New York printing face masks

Instructions on how to Intern


When COVID-19 struck, our priority was producing as much PPE as possible. In the end, our interns across the country donated over 100 reusable face masks. Now that the mass shortage has passed, we have shifted our focus to printing prosthetics. Our internship program is now world wide, as we have interns ranging from California to India learning how to fabricate and assemble 3D prosthetics. The internship program includes personal mentorship and lessons from the CEO and staff through text and Face Time/Skype/Zoom. If you are interested in learning how to fabricate and assemble prosthetics, email us at!

Additional Assignments

By doing these assignments, you can gain more hours as well as improve your title. These assignments were created to help you learn and practice product design. These assignments need to be done using CAD software. We recommend Tinkercad as it’s free and teaches you how to use it. To earn credit for these assignments, email proof of completion to in an STL file. You do not have to print them out to get credit.

By completing at least 3 assignments, you will earn the title of intermediate product engineer.

By completing 7 assignments, you will earn the title of proficient product engineer.

By completing at least 9 assignments, you will earn the title of advanced product engineer.

(Note: If a certain task takes longer than the expected time, email ​goodkarmaengineering@gmail.comwith the amount of time it took you.)

  • +5 hours (for beginners only) If you are new to 3D printing, create a free tinkercad account at and complete the starters, lessons and projects learn features.
  • +2 hours design popsicle molds
  • +2 hours design something to hold microchips
  • +3 hours design a phone stand
  • +3 hours design a cable organizer that fits into a desk
  • +3 hours design something to make an N95 more comfortable
  • +3 hours edit/improve an existing facemask in anyway
  • +3 hours edit/improve an existing faceguard in anyway
  • +4 hours design a key chain
  • +5 hours design a chessboard and pieces
  • +5 hours design a toy car with working wheels
  • +5 hours design a FUNKO Pop of any fictional character
  • +10 hours design an original and functional facemask
  • +10 hours design an original and functional faceguard

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